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Our services include decorative painting, industrial painting and wallpaper.
Therefore, the company employs a large, qualified and constantly trained team. In addition, we are equipped with state-of-the-art technology in machinery and tools.
The company complies with all the safety and health standards at work. Moreover, we fulfill the standards in all the materials and work tools used. Nowadays, our infrastructure allows us to carry out all kinds of work. This optimal combination of highly qualified manpower and latest equipment enables us to reach 100% whilst working fast and efficient. 
Our scope of activity:
We have considerable experience in working in: historical buildings, homes, hospitals, commercial premises, churches, garages, hotels, industrial buildings, theaters, administrative buildings, residential buildings, urbanizations, etc.

Our clients can be of the following types:
- Public organisms
- Individuals
- Businesses
- Owner communities
- Promoters and builders 

Our applications and painting techniques
The application techniques of painting we perform are decorative ones (coating, stuccos, varnishes, imitations, Roman travertine, velvet effect, etc.), as well as the most current implantation applications (silicate-siloxane) and traditional tempera paintings, plastic, enamel, stone painting, epoxy coating, rubber painting, etc.
Last but not least we carry out all kinds of wallpapering: vinyl, non-woven fabric, border, embossed or textile wallpapering as well as wall photos, etc.




C/ Villafuerte N° 35, Málaga

+34 951 485 004

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