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Pomiser is a multi service company based in Málaga, committing to provide services to the entire region, mainly the cost area.

We offer a wide service range, including any type of maintenance services for residents’ associations, hotels or individuals.

The idea of founding a company emerged during the crisis in 2013 when a group of friends, all self-employed professionals in construction, gardening and cleaning decided to collaborate. Of course, with the aim of offering a more complete service spectrum to its clients and by the same token stay competitive in a sector facing an uphill battle in times of crisis.
Since then, collaboration took place even though Promiser as a company was not registered in the commercial register until 2017.


Mission, Vision, Objectives and Values

Beside the wide range of services we offer, we provide our customers with a service of highest quality and profitability.  Trust and cooperation round our service package up.
Becoming a leading company by providing comprehensive maintenance services nationwide whilst making Promiser a name associated with trust, quality, responsibility and with the values commitment and familiarity is the vision we pursue.

Pomiser es una empresa multiservicios  que tiene el ambito de trabajo en toda la provincia de Málaga. Para conseguir nuestros objetivos, creemos en las personas y en formar equipos con talento, comprometidos e ilusionados, que compartan los valores de Pomiser y que quieran desarrollarse atraves de nuesta empresa. Si quiere formar parte de Pomiser, puede subscribirse a las ofertas de trabajo abiertas actualmente, o bien, enviarnos su currículum al correo de forma espontánea que será valorado en el momento que surja una oportunidad que encaje con su perfil y trayectoria. Gracias por su interés en nosotros!

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C/ Villafuerte N° 35, Málaga

+34 951 485 004

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