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Pomiser provides a comprehensive service for communities of neighbors or any kind of buildings, satisfying the main needs they may have. We offer both, an integral service in the cleaning of buildings and neighborhood communities (maintenance service) as well as specific actions. We overtake responsability for the cleaning of stairs, glass, portals, patios, graffiti removal, garbage collection, etc. Our goal is to leave in perfect condition all the elements such as the reception, mailboxes, crystals, elevators, garages and of course pavements, floors etc.
We provide all the necessary machinery to leave each element of your community in perfect and clean condition. We use the most suitable product for each type of surface, always striving to highlight their cleanliness and brightness without damaging them. Moreover, our highly qualified personnel can carry out all the specific cleaning work in your community, obtaining optimal results.

Beside the cleaning service we offer you a wide range of additional services such as garden maintenance, swimming pool maintenance, tree trimming and palm tree pruning, painting, renovations etc. Thus, we cover all the services that a community may need. Thanks to our wide experience in the sector, we are able to offer a personalized, efficient and profitable service for each community. Trust in the professional work of Pomiser and all residents will be able to relax and enjoy their common spaces at a maximum!




C/ Villafuerte N° 35, Málaga

+34 951 485 004

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